Solent Airport, formerly Royal Naval station ‘Daedalus’ is an increasingly busy aerodrome on the south coast.  The airfield is popular as a general aviation destination and is also now the base for search-and-rescue helicopters rated by Bristow.  A number of aviation businesses are located at the site including Britten Norman which now manufactures and tests commercial aircraft from the airfield.  The site-wide survey was conducted during normal airfield operations and with the full co-operation of the air traffic unit.

Approximately 3500 images were gathered, predominantly from a nadir perspective with the drone flying automated flight routes calculated on optimal height and overlaps.  For good modelling of structures, these images were augmented by oblique imagery with the drone under manual control. Despite some periods of strong wind and short winter days we surveyed the entire site in just short of three days.  


Solent Airport Survey


Solent Airport / Consortiq


Controlled aerial survey


  • Orthometric tif at 50mm pixel resolution geolocated to OS grid co-ordinates
  • Point cloud
  • DXF mesh
  • Digital Elevation model at 50mm pixel resolution
  • OBJ 3D models
  • Site contours
  • Cross sections
  • Runway slope and undulation

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