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Commercial Drone Training

Get qualified, get skilled

We recognise that qualifications are only half the story in growing your own drone business. So we offer bespoke industry training alongside the CAA qualifications you need.

Unlike many providers, we guarantee a direct relationship with your instructor, with both in-person and video conference training options available, as well as 1-to-1 practical training.

We specialise in both media and survey/inspection training, delivered by subject matter trainers with 7+ years of industry experience.

Drone training student

Drone qualifications to suit your business

With the choice of  CAA GVC and A2 Certificate of Competence (A2CofC) qualifications, we can provide you with the necessary foundations to fly drones legally and safely.

Book courses on their own, or with industry specific practical training.


  • drones up to 2kg 
  • lower risk activities
  • half-day training
  • online or face-to-face


  • Basic package plus….
  • One-day introductory flight training
  • Half-day industry training
  • Survey, inspection and media courses available


  • the industry-standard qualification
  • drones up to 25kg
  • comprehensive pre-course learning
  • 2-day ground school
  • flight assessment
  • online instructor-led, or classroom

GVC (conversion)

  • for existing ‘PFCO’ holders
  • abbreviated course
  • A2CofC+GVC ‘combo’ also available
  • instructor-led online or classroom options

Who we have trained

We have already trained over 400 pilots from across the drone industry.

We provide in-house training for both the BBC Natural History Unit and South Wales Police, and regularly work with professionals from a wide range of disciplines including survey, media, archaeology, security, forensic science, property, ecology and more.

BBC Natural History drone pilot

Trainee Helen Hobin filming with BBC Natural History Unit

400+ trainees

What our clients say

Thank you so much for our training session last week – we both had an amazing time, and learnt so much.

Tim JeffreeBBC Natural History Unit

It was a very good balance between the theory and practical elements to the course. The theory was explained very well and taken at a pace which everyone was happy with. Overall, a very enjoyable course gaining a lot of experience and knowledge from it.

PC Jack WilliamsSouth Wales Police

Many thanks for organising this great training. Really inspiring to be part of such a thorough training experience.

Patrick EvansFilmmaker

Drone Training FAQs

Who is this for?

Our training is for any individual or company wanting to fly drones commercially. We train across a range of sectors including survey, media, construction and academic research.

Do I need my own drone?

Yes, although not for the ground school component of the training. By the time of your flight assessment you will need to own one and be used to flying it.

Do you run bespoke company courses?

Yes. Many of our courses are tailored to the needs of our clients across a range of industries. We also offer discounts for groups.

How much flying experience do I need?

No flying experience is needed for the GVC ground school. The recommended requirement for the flight assessment is 2 hours logged within the preceding 3 months, although more is desirable.

For the A2CofC you will be required to self-certify practical competence before your theory test. We will provide full details when you book.

Can the training be held at company premises?

Yes, we often travel to client premises and use their facilities to minimise lost time for staff members.

Can I complete the flight assessment before I have written my operations manual?

No. GVC students must complete their flight assessment using their own Operations Manual. However, this can be created during the course and we provide detailed assistance to make the process as efficient as possible.

Is the course industry specific?

We run both standard and bespoke courses. The ground school is the same, but we add client-specific practical training as required at additional cost.

How much time should I allow for preparation?

You will enjoy and benefit from the GVC ground school much more if you can allocate approximately 15 hours of time to pre-course preparation using our online learning portal. You’ll also need to allow time to increase your flying skills to meet the minimum assessment standard, and hopefully more.

Who is running the course?

Our CAA training is run in partnership with Consortiq. Our trainers are approved by Consortiq and Leaping Wing will be your point of contact for all phases of the course before, during and afterwards.