Drone Training

In partnership with industry leaders UAV Air, we run commercial drone training courses in Cardiff and at client premises.

“I just wanted to say thanks, I’ve been on many industry type training courses over the years and this was the first that I actually enjoyed!”

Adam Smillie
Director, Sure Claims Management
CAA PFCO training

The Unmanned Aircraft Qualification includes a recommendation for the CAA Permission for Commercial Operation

Expert instruction

Learn from operators with industry experience and who have trained hundreds of drone pilots

Industry skills

Train using the aircraft and tools as required for specialist commercial work

No experience necessary

Learn everything you need to become a commercial operator

Training FAQs

Who is this for?

Our training is for any individual or company wanting to fly drones commercially, and therefore requiring a Civil Aviation Authority PFCO (Permission for Commercial Operation). The CAA publishes guidance on what constitutes ‘commercial operations’ here.

Do I need my own drone?

Yes, although not for the ground school component of the training. By the time of your flight assessment you will need to own one and be used to flying it.

How much does it cost?

Our standard PFCO training package costs £999+VAT including online learning, course materials, ground school, flight assessment and operations manual review.
Bespoke courses for business customers are priced according to requirements.

How much flying experience do I need?

No flying experience is needed for the ground school. The minimum requirement for the flight assessment is 2 hours logged within the preceding 3 months. However, we recommend a minimum of 4 hours if possible.

Can the training be held at company premises?

Yes, we often travel to client premises and use their facilities to minimise lost time for staff members.

Can I complete the flight assessment before I have written my operations manual?

The short answer is yes. We can provide you with a generic set of procedures to enable you to complete the flight assessment before completing your own company-specific operations manual. This will give you an opportunity to learn exactly what is required and what works well and not so well, before writing your own procedures.

Is the course industry specific?

We run both standard and bespoke courses. The ground school is the same, but we add client-specific practical training as required at additional cost.

How much time should I allow for preparation?

You will enjoy and benefit from the ground school much more if you can allocate approximately 20 hours of time to pre-course preparation using our online learning portal. You’ll also need to allow time to increase your flying skills to meet the minimum assessment standard, and hopefully more.

What is included in the course?

Prior to attendance we will send you printed copies of the UAQ Course Study Manual and Flight Assessment Handbook.  You’ll also have access to comprehensive online learning portal. You’ll then attend our 2-day ground school and subsequently your flight assessments. Finally, we’ll supply you with a template and guidance for your operations manual, leading to a recommendation to the CAA for your PFCO (Permission for Commercial Operation).

Who is running the course?

Our CAA training is run in partnership with UAV Air and we deliver the UAV Air Unmanned Aircraft Qualification course. Our trainers are UAV Air trainers but Leaping Wing will be your point of contact for all phases of the course before, during and afterwards.