Redefining Sports Turf Management

In partnership with agronomy consultants GEO Turf we use multispectral and thermal aerial imaging to optimise grass growth for elite sports and turf production. 

  • Optimise irrigation
  • Reduce fertiliser consumption
  • Optimise pitch heating and lighting systems
  • Accelerate pitch establishment schedules

In partnership with

The Technology

We use three types of drone sensor to get the widest range of information about your site.



Using wavelengths just beyond the visible spectrum we can make quantitative judgements on grass density and health, identifying problems while there is still time to fix them. Combing multispectral with thermal remote sensing we can advise on optimal use of pitch lighting systems reducing running costs and improving turf quality.


By identifying variations of temperature we can quickly make recommendations for the deployment of pitch lights, identify faults in under-soil heating systems, and create drainage maps.


Using a conventional camera we create high-resolution overviews of the survey area, including accurate topographical data.
Case Study

Rangers FC

In summer 2021, the hybrid Rangers pitch was completely reconstructed, with an accelerated pitch establishment programme to meet fixture deadlines for the new season. GEO Turf and Leaping Wing provided repeat surveys during the growth phase.

We were able to provide confidence in the pitch establishment schedule, and also identify several issues en route to completion and first use including:

  • areas of germination and poor¬† growth
  • areas of double seeding
  • areas of insufficient seeding
  • rootzone temperature variations after irrigation with knock-on effects for growth

How we can help

In-depth growth analysis

Feed and irrigation plans

Drainage analysis

Heating system analysis

Topographical survey

Cut and fill analysis