Empowering you to measure and monitor worksites

An all-in-one drone system for worksite management. Designed to maximise outputs and reduce costs.

Take control of your data

Continuously monitor and measure worksites via your company portal.

See earthworks progress, report on inventory, and track changes against design specifications.

Track through time

Every survey aligned and stored for instant comparison on a timeline.

Revolutionary hardware

AeroPoints deliver high-precision ground control that’s easier and more affordable than traditional solutions. Don’t spend hours with bases and rovers. Just lay out your AeroPoints and let them do all the work.

Option A – Survey + Analytics

We provide regular surveys plus analytical support for your portal.

Option B – Company Pilots

We provide training and hardware to enable you to survey in house.

Data how you want it, not how we want it

Analyse and share your data within the platform.

Or share it with trusted colleagues and collaborators in a variety of formats.

Verified data

We have 100% confidence in our reports. But we recognise you may have additional audit requirements. 

That’s why we partner with Vinci Surveys to verify our outputs if required.

Join the Revolution

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