Reinventing Asset Inspection

Create your Digital Twin

Closer. Safer. Faster.

Asset inspections are experiencing a quiet revolution. And we are thrilled to be leading it.

Using the latest aerial camera systems, we help our clients inspect vital assets without the inherent risks of rope access and mobile platforms. We capture high-resolution imagery, in both visible and thermal spectra, and present it in a way that makes inspections as detailed and efficient as possible.

And, by creating a digital twin, we can help you and your teams inspect assets without leaving the office.

So how do we do it?


Our cameras have powerful optical zoom capabilities meaning we can fly at a safe distance from your assets while still capturing every detail you need.


There are very few places we can’t reach, which means we eliminate the risks for you and your staff inherent in working at height.

Furthermore, our systems have enhanced collision avoidance, power redundancy, and high levels of automation to minimise any risks we might in turn be introducing to your work environment.


Our automated capture methods mean we can take 5000+ high-resolution images in a single day of surveying. We can cover every angle, reducing the likelihood of unnecessary follow-up surveys.

Creating a 'Digital Twin'

For many of our projects, we build a complete photo-realistic 3D model of your assets using thousands of still images. Then, without leaving the office, you and your colleagues can perform detailed inspections, producing annotated reports for stakeholders in a matter of minutes.