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We help businesses track and measure their worksites.
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What we Do

Empowering you to Monitor and Measure Worksites

Using state-of-the art drone survey and processing, we provide you with a portal to take detailed measurements and observations across your site.
We can provide regular surveys or train you and your staff to fly in-house.


A solution for multiple industries

Drone analytics lends itself to any bare-earth industry where progress monitoring is important. Surveys can be captured far quicker than ground-based systems and with minimal interruption to ongoing works.


Stockpile measurement, blast volumes


Progress monitoring, topo surveys

Waste management

Cell progress, compaction measurement

Surface mining

Blast measurement, inventory capture

Track through time

Every survey stored and always available. Instantly compare between any time-points during project lifespan.

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Revolutionary hardware

Meet the next generation of aerial ground control.
Propeller Aeropoints combine survey-grade accuracy with incredible speed and efficiency.

Propeller Aeropoint

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