Capturing Verifiable Data

With an increase in the availability of aerial survey, the need for verified data is greater than ever. That’s why we have brought together qualified professional expertise from the survey and drone worlds. Our aim is to augment the expertise and proven accuracy of conventional survey with the potential for time and cost saving of aerial data capture.


  • Large datasets captured with unprecedented speed
  • Ground control used as standard
  • Results cross-checked with conventional survey measurement
  • Outputs tailored to client requirements and systems
  • Compare repeat surveys instantly for progress monitoring

Case Study: Vogen Energy stockpile survey and topographical model

Why drones?

  • Speed of capture – typically a fraction of conventional survey times on larger sites
  • Integration of data with BIM design and construction systems including:
    – Revit
    – Solibri
    – Synchro
  • Safety – detailed capture of hazardous areas such as stockpiles and rock faces
  • Fast results – complex models available within 12 hours of survey
  • Visually accessible results – complex datasets presented in a way which can be easily interpreted and shared
  • Cloud-based project collaboration
  • Reduce remediation costs through early identification of error and non-conformity

We operate sub-7kg platforms with 4k-capable cameras. Thermal and NDVI imagery also available on request.

State-of-the-Art Ground Control

Propeller’s Aeropoints offer a revolutionary approach to ground control and we are proud to offer them on site.

Using PPK GPS they offer the accuracy of conventional GPS survey gear, but integrate seamlessly into the process of image capture and data processing. They provide both reliable ground control and an additional level of accuracy in model results.




How accurate is ‘accurate’

The precision of drone surveys is frequently trumpeted but rarely backed up. That’s why we conducted a full evaluation and analysis of our methodology compared to conventional survey equipment.



Read the Results

Case Study: South Wales retail development – topographical survey and 3D model

Case Study: South Wales retail development – topographical survey and 3D model

The Power of the Cloud

Cloud hosting means that survey results are available quickly and for everyone who needs access
Within 12 hours survey data is processed and ready to view. Any team member can take measurements and annotate imagery.
Where data security is a priority imagery can also be processed and stored locally on secure systems.